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  • Multifamily, Commercial and Hotel
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    • Construction Models
  • SFR / BFR Modeling and Valuation
  • NPL Asset/Portfolio Valuation Models
  • Fund Modeling
  • CMBS Pricing & Hedging Models
  • CMBS B-Piece Analysis Systems
  • Investor Reporting
  • Loan Portfolio Modeling and Valuation
  • Land Valuation Models
  • Model Validation and Review
  • Excel Training Seminars
  • Anything with a Cash Flow
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  • Debt Placement
  • Whole Loan Sales
  • Real Estate Equity Capital Raising
Quantinal Capital Advisors
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Los Angeles, CA
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About the Quantinal Website Design Project

Reviewing The Quantinal Website Design Project was redesigned by the website design agency LA Dezign which is based in Los Angeles.

Quantinal is based in Los Angeles, though our consulting services to Mortgage, Real Estate, Structured Finance, and Private Equity Industries are available nationwide. We chose a local agency for the project despite the fact that they design sites for companies around the country. We just wanted to work with someone that we could physically sit in their office and yet be able to rely on their ability to produce a professionally oriented website particular for our business needs.

This writeup is meant to help our clients understand the thought process behind creating this informative and hopefully intuitive website. Our goal is to share some of the components of we discovered through the design process because it so directly relates to how we understand our own clients and wanted to show this through the content and look and feel of our website. Ultimately the website is a second chance for us to connect with clients who do us the service of trusting us with their needs.

The Quantinal website is primarily a B2B (business-to-business) site in the sense that its intended audience is other business owners or investors. Part of the challenge of a services oriented website is to reach different types of audiences and show how our services fit different needs. So we have to highlight the different industries in which we've gain expertise applying our modeling and analytic techniques. At the same time, the site design and web copy have to work together to convey a brand of trust and loyalty that we would ordinarily do in person or by phone.

We focused some of the design into creating a compelling side navigation on the left side of the website - (you can see something comparable on another site we had reviewed called This left "nav bar" was a really useful place to showcase not only the types of modeling and analytics that we could perform but also show the types of transactional activities we could assist clients with completing. In plainer english, our designers called this the challenge of conveying "what we do and who we service". The remainder of the site content would give us a chance to deal with the 3rd question which is why clients hire us - in terms of what makes us so good at what we do.

If we could say one thing about the design process is that it isn't so easy. There are a lot of considerations like using drop down menus, or having a contact form versus a simple email address. It's really important you have a design team (whether local or not) that can put themselves in your shoes as well as your client's minds to help you bridge the gap that gets your phone to ring. We feel that LA Dezign helped us do the job really well. Hopefully this writeup helps you if you are looking to update your image online.

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