Modeling and Analytics
  • Agency MF Sizing and Underwriting
  • Multifamily, Commercial and Hotel
    • Underwriting Templates
    • Construction Models
  • SFR / BFR Modeling and Valuation
  • NPL Asset/Portfolio Valuation Models
  • Fund Modeling
  • CMBS Pricing & Hedging Models
  • CMBS B-Piece Analysis Systems
  • Investor Reporting
  • Loan Portfolio Modeling and Valuation
  • Land Valuation Models
  • Model Validation and Review
  • Excel Training Seminars
  • Anything with a Cash Flow
Transactional Activities
  • Debt Placement
  • Whole Loan Sales
  • Real Estate Equity Capital Raising
Quantinal Capital Advisors
Ron Kaminker
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 272-1390
Why Quantinal for NPL’s
  • Financial modeling company specializing in distressed debt and structured transactions;
  • Over 25 years of capital markets, commercial mortgage, real estate and modeling expertise including modeling performing, sub-performing, and non-performing loans and portfolios both domestically and internationally;
  • Extensive network of industry contacts to supplement client's needs for any engagement;
  • Firm's principal was a key contributor to the RTC's Appendix "H" derived investment value" (DIV) Model and was a pioneer in the first CMBS transactions during the 1980's;
  • Stellar client list of Wall Street  Firms, Opportunity Funds, and Special Servicers (see below);
  • Expert in cash flows, structuring and building durable models to take assets from initial scrub and stratification, through underwriting, closing and subsequent asset management;
  • Quantinal Capital's input provides a valuable 3rd party outlook and helps prevent the risk of "groupthink" and remaining with a status quo perspective;
  • The range of models already created include underwriting templates, rollup models with macros, performing, sub-performing and NPL portfolio models;
  • Expert in determining which assets to underwrite as well methods to extrapolate from underwritten assets to non-underwritten assets for highly granular portfolios;
  • Flexible with travel and experienced in meeting hard and fast deadlines;
  • Ongoing support and report generation to comply with reporting requirements of servicing agreements and investor reports, including industry standard reporting packages.
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