Modeling and Analytics
  • Agency MF Sizing and Underwriting
  • Multifamily, Commercial and Hotel
    • Underwriting Templates
    • Construction Models
  • SFR / BFR Modeling and Valuation
  • NPL Asset/Portfolio Valuation Models
  • Fund Modeling
  • CMBS Pricing & Hedging Models
  • CMBS B-Piece Analysis Systems
  • Investor Reporting
  • Loan Portfolio Modeling and Valuation
  • Land Valuation Models
  • Model Validation and Review
  • Excel Training Seminars
  • Anything with a Cash Flow
Transactional Activities
  • Debt Placement
  • Whole Loan Sales
  • Real Estate Equity Capital Raising
Quantinal Capital Advisors
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The Quantinal NPL Portfolio Valuation Process

Initial Stages

  • Convert database into useable Excel format;
  • "Scrub" the data by standardizing data within fields, checking for errors, and creating calculations (e.g. Balance / Foot);
  • Create detailed stratifications on all relevant fields;
  • Select loans to underwrite;
  • Customize underwriting template (UWT), if needed, to fit requirements of assets in the portfolio;
  • Create UWT's by automatically downloading as much data as possible from the data tape provided.

During Underwriting

  • Review partially and fully completed UWT's to review for accuracy, completeness,  and logical conclusions;
  • Roll up completed UWT's to get sense of values: in total, by underwriter, property type, performance status,...;
  • Update data changes as they come in. If needed write a macro to automatically update the data in the UWT's.

Final Pricing

  • Roll up all UWT's;
  • Extrapolate cash flows on non underwritten assets;
  • Run cash flows through any debt structures, equity waterfalls, FDIC splits after deducting asset management, servicing, disposition fees to calculate net IRR and price;
  • Create price/yield tables;
  • Run sensitivities based on timing and amount of cash flows.
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