Modeling and Analytics
  • Agency MF Sizing and Underwriting
  • Multifamily, Commercial and Hotel
    • Underwriting Templates
    • Construction Models
  • SFR / BFR Modeling and Valuation
  • NPL Asset/Portfolio Valuation Models
  • Fund Modeling
  • CMBS Pricing & Hedging Models
  • CMBS B-Piece Analysis Systems
  • Investor Reporting
  • Loan Portfolio Modeling and Valuation
  • Land Valuation Models
  • Model Validation and Review
  • Excel Training Seminars
  • Anything with a Cash Flow
Transactional Activities
  • Debt Placement
  • Whole Loan Sales
  • Real Estate Equity Capital Raising
Quantinal Capital Advisors
Ron Kaminker
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 272-1390
Top 10 Reasons to Hire Quantinal
  1. Inventory of pre-existing models leads to increased speed of development and delivery to client
  2. Proper design and structure lead to ability to create rollups.
  3. Will be available in future to support models.
  4. 35+ years experience in creating models.
  5. Vast financial and capital markets knowledge.
  6. Requires less senior management time.
  7. As opposed to employees, Quantinal is not tied to other obligations / deadlines in firm.
  8. Extensive use of macros to automate repetitive tasks.
  9. Efficient and easy to use formulas and code.
  10. Send us your #10  (
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