Modeling and Analytics
  • CMBS Pricing & Hedging Models
  • NPL Portfolio Valuation Models
  • Fund Modeling
  • B-Piece Analysis Systems
  • Underwriting Templates
  • Land Valuation Models
  • Investor Reporting
  • Servicing Valuation Models
  • Model Review for Accuracy
  • Financial Analytics
Transactional Activities
  • Debt Placement
  • Commercial Mortgage Brokerage
  • Whole Loan Sales
  • Real Estate Capital Raising
  • Transaction Oversight
Quantinal Capital Advisors
Ron Kaminker
1901 Ave of the Stars, #620
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 272-1390
What makes Quantinal Capital Advisorsí models different?
  • All models are designed with structured programming techniques in mind: (range names, separate input, calc, and report, pages);
  • Ease of downloading and uploading data to and from templates and conversion onto asset management systems post-acquisition;
  • Very efficient use of formulas and code;
  • Heavy use of macros to automate repetitive tasks to enable users to run models efficiently and with ease;
  • Built in scenarios and sensitivities, including stress scenarios based on any range of inputs, from micro-level (individual asset) to macro-level (portfolio) stresses;
  • Ability to automatically generate stratifications and valuations by groupings;
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